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Remote servo


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Thanks for your response to my earlier post regarding pipework, but for the same vehicle (ser2 3.5 v8 ) I have obtained a Lockheed Remote Servo.

Question I now have is - How do you pipe it up ?

It has two copper pipe connections and one rubber hose connector.

I have seen one of these fitted before but did not take note of the connections. It was on the drivers footwell, under the wing, next to the brake master cylinder, seems a logical position,any thoughts - good or bad !!



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I'm assuming that you have a single circuit brake system ?

If so then take the outlet pipe from the master cylinder to the port nearest the servo (IIRC)

and the outlet goes to the brakes as usual.

The rubber pipe connects to the inlet manifold to provide the vacuum and must have a non

return valve in line.

If you've a split circuit the you'll need a different remote.

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Hi Nige90,

Yes I have a single circuit system.

On the inlet manifold I can only find one outlet, which is connect to header of the radiator!

Should I be looking elsewhere for outlet



SU's on yours? My Servo is in the upper left corner and the vacuum port is on the edelbrock manifold just below the carb.


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