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This website has to close.

Les Henson

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In your bluudy dreams! :lol:

How else are we supposed to get you all to read (and hopefully respond) to the following:-

Right from the start one of the most important aspects of our forum has been independence - independence from the potential influence of magazine publishers or sponsorship from businesses or other commercial interests. This means that we are free to choose our own path and also allows members the freedom to have a say (within reason wink.gif ) without the fear that their opinions might offend any businesses with an interest in (funding) the forum. ‘For the members by the members’ has always been our motto and were are determined ensure it stays that way!

Our increasing popularity meant that we were starting to outgrow the shared server which hosted the forum so we recently made the decision to transfer to a new dedicated server. The switch has meant that the forum now runs much faster and has necessary capacity to meet the increasing amount of traffic our popularity is generating. The downside of this is that we are now faced with higher monthly charges meaning an inevitable increase in the monthly draw on forum funds.

We are really pleased with the response following a recent appeal for donations but realise that perhaps not everyone wants to make a donation all in one go - hence we are pleased to announce a new feature which makes supporting your favourite online 4x4 community even easier! We now have the facility to receive funds via Standing Order through Paypal! So instead of making a one off donation it is now possible to ease and spread the load by donating a small amount (say £2) per month. A major benefit of having a regular and steady income from S/O’s will mean that it will be easier to forecast what income we will have at any given time in the future.

Setting up a S/O is easy - pm a moderator/Admin for the account details. (no sodding 419 scammers need apply)

If you would prefer to make occasional, single, lump sum donations instead then this is fine too, Click Here

the S/O is just there for convenience.

Having said all that please don’t forget that membership of LR4x4 is free and that there is absolutely no obligation to donate to forum funds …but we are always grateful for whatever you can spare to keep the best 4x4 technical forum alive and kicking!

Many thanks,

The LR4x4 admin and moderating team.

Les. :D

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Guest diesel_jim
[yoda mode on] Patience Young TJ101 fixed soon it is yes [/yoda mode off]

Nige :lol:

[yoda mode on] Patience Young TJ101 Henson booking holiday first he is[/yoda mode off]

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Setting up a S/O is easy - just click here

Les. :D

Les,, is the above meant to be a link :unsure: cause it don't work :blink:

Am I having a blond moment ? I can't see "click here" in Les' text at all ????

S/O a good idea though and I'm upferrit.

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