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Suspension Defender 110 CSW

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Hello all and greetings from Brazil !

New to this forum, however, not to the "machine" ...

I drive a Brazil-mounted (2001) Defender 110 CSW (300 Tdi), which I have equipped with Autralian OME springs (front: OME 767, rear: OME 755) and matching shocks (front: OME N115, rear: OME N44), plus OME PU bushes (yellow).

A hoped / expected, the overall performance and response from suspension and steering improved significantly, both on the tarmac road and off-road.

The suspension lift gained is about 1,5" and resulted in a reduction of the caster angle from approx +2º (original) to zeroº. Initially, this was corrected through the use of OME caster correction bushes in the front radius arms, which brought the angle back to +2º where it belongs. All fine and no complaints, the car handled beautifully for about 30.000 km, after which not much was left over from the caster-correcting bushes, which is perhaps not surprising, given the assymetric distribution of the rubber in the bushes.

I have come across (and am currently importing to Brazil) caster-corrected radius arms (+ 3º) and cranked trailing arms from QT Services down in Liskeard, which should work well with this suspension. Does anyone have hands-on experience with these suspension parts or any other products from QTS ?

Most grateful for any input !

Chris (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


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I have no first hand experince of using castor corrected radius arms, but it seems peoples experinces do vary. Some find them fine, other have found they lead to prop vibrations due to altering the uj angle, if this occurs then the cure is to fit a double carden front prop.

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with hindsight I'd leave the standard arms on

save loads of money on new prop and the arms themselves

the arms are ok welding quality is variable from mediocre to bad.

at the money they charge the quality should be a lot better.

the are articles in the tech archive on castor correction

but at the lift you've added I don't think you new to worry

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