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sheared mainfold to exhaust bolt


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Afternoon all, again!

Not having much luck at the moment, whilst crawling around under my disco today to get the

transfer box number and fit new trailing arm bushes I noticed that one of the three bolts that

fixes the manifold to the exhaust on the pas side is missing and looks like its been sheared

off, there's just a little bit left in the top as you look up. The disco drives smooth and well, I'm

not aware of any blow either whilst driving or with bonnet up and engine running.

So my question is, Is this gonna be a pain to replace? Looks really tight to reach the top side

of the fixing. And is it captive? If so I'm guessing I'm not gonna be doing the work. :rolleyes:

It's a 96 3.9V8i auto.



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Dammit!! Knew just by looking it was gonna be a pain in the a**e!!

CHeers for the quick replies, I'll leave it alone till I have to move it.

Like Les says - just keep it in mind as something you may have to deal with if you have to remove the manifold. But unless you do have to, leave it alone and don't make grief for yourself!

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