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Steering lock/ignition switch fitting

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Hi all, basically i was woken at daft o'clock this morning to find some pikey scum inside my 300 tdi defender!! :angry: , theres no door lock damage? :huh: :huh: but the steering lock and ignition barrel are hanging off!!!

Basically i need to know the way to change the lock.barrell. Ive got an older 90 td defender i can pinch the lock etc off but havnt got a clue where to start

Any help, guides or tips greatly appreciated


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The ignition/steering lock is held to the steering column by security bolts - when they are tightened the bolt head snaps off so that they can't in theory be undone. But with the use of a centre punch or similar the bolt can still be undone, it just takes a bit of patience. The ignition barrel will then just come off, even if the steering lock is still on. I don'r know if a defender one will fit, but you can either buy the security bolts from the usual suppliers or use a couple of 20mm M8 coarse thread socket head bolts.


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