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.6 or .8 MIG wire

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I take it that .6 is used for thinner metals and .8 for thicker stuff. If I had to weld 6mm plate to 2.2mm plate, would it be better for me to swap over to .8 to do the weld. What would the difference be between one thickness or the other? If I did swap to .8 for thicker plates, what would the difference in the welds be?


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I use .8 for everything from thin stuff (not for myself you understand the thin stuff is for other people :P ) right up to thick stuff like 6 - 8mm plate .

The trick is to speed up / slow down as needed, so on thinner stuff move the torch fasterish, on say seam welding 2x 6mm plates slowerish so the filler pool is not too thin.

Frankly on thicker stuff I should consider 1.0mm+ but there is all the agro involved and the additional costs of tips liners etc.

If you are welding thick to thin, ie 6mm to 2.2mm then have the torch "Burn" into the 6mm piece almost then moving to the 2.2mm less, otherwise if you stay on the 2.2mm piece there will be little penetration onto the 6mm bit. HAve the setting more towards welding 2x 6mm bits, and then drop down the amps a tad, rather than have the welder set to weld 2x 2.2mm bits, use the 6mm as a saftey net for "Not burning through and blowing a hole", this also has the effect of heating up the 6mm bit which helps for the weld.

If you are going to use .6mm for 6mm to 2.2mm then you are going to need to be slowish and long time on the 6mm and then less on the 2.2mm and moving length wise down the weld sem slower as the 6mm will soak up the amps and heat and wire, hence why you need to spend longer on the 6 and less on the 2.2 but it is easily dooable, have some test tries 1st if you can. You will NOT blow holes in the 6mm, but you can easily on the 2.2 as when you are pooring the heat and amps into the 6mm bit that then acts as a heat soak across to the 2.2mm bit so bear in mind !

Again like all things welding it takes pratise, but I hope the above rambling makes some sense ?


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0.8 for most things ………………. but use 0.6 for really thin stuff …………….

Les, don’t forget to store your spare reels odf wire in the airing cupboard …………. It stays perfect in there……… however, I sometimes get a bollocking when SWMBO gets stuff from the top airing cupboard shelf and a 1Kg reel of 0.8 clouts her on the head ! :rolleyes:



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