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P38 - Auto - gearshift selector


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Hi , I am having a few problems selecting Park on my P38 DSE auto , the selector lever moves into Park ok but the red light shows Reverse and doesn't allow it to start. If I give it a bit of a shove it goes in ok but I am worried about damaging it. Has anyone had this problem before ?

Any help / ideas appreciated.



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Educated guess time.....

Sounds electrical to me.... I know nothing about the autobox though. First thing I think you need to see where the contactors are for the park selection and ensure they are being made.

"the selector lever moves into Park ok"... does it engage transmission park do you know?


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thanks Ben .

No it doesn't always engage transmission park , it seems a bit hit and miss , sometimes it is fine others you have to give the lever a bit of a shove so it bangs the 'gate' and then it engages ok.

As you say probably (hopefully !!) electrics, maybe an ECU ?? although i would have thought I would have an error showing on the computer, the gearbox seems fine otherwise , it kicks down fine , changes gears smoothly , sport mode works fine etc.

It almost seems as though the cable is stretched a bit but I don't know if it has a cable or sensor, as soon as my workshop manual arrives I will strip it down, in the meantime if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them

thanks again.


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