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water pump only lasted 9 months???


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afternoon all,

The bearing on my 200tdi water pump has just gone and has left my sitting at work waiting to be recovered home.. where my tools are <_<

Now the pumps only been on for 9(ish) months and i cant of done more than 2000 miles...

I cant remember what make this pump was but it looked good.... brass impeller etc..

So any else had problems with water pumps giving a short life span? is there a make thats seems to last longer or shorter?

i guess i could be doing my alternator belt up to much .... :blink:

thanks for any input.

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Ho ho, I sympathise with you completely. I have 2 200 tdi Dsico on the go at the mo and BOTH have just blown their water pumps within days of each other. One has a nearly new pump on it of unknown provenance. The other is, as far as I know, original. Where is the best place to get OEM replacements?

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I put on a Britpart one and it lasted 5 months. put on a genuine LR one and its been on for a few years now.

Whats the bet it starts to leak next week !!!


Absolutely Britparts ones are sh--e, mine lasted 3 weeks on the 200tdi, learnt after that now only use origonal parts for many things, bearings, timing belts water pumps etc



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Some years ago the water pump on my RRC failed, so fitted a replacement.

Which started to leak as soon as the engine warmed up.

Took it back, got another one which did exactly the same!

Took it back got refund got one elsewhere & that was fine.

Possible faulty batch? It does happen.

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Got and fitted a 50 quid pump from the local land rover parts place....

It looks a little different to the old one lets hope it last longer :unsure:

thanks for the input........... clad to see it doesn't just happen to me :D

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Changed mine (£21,Paddocks) 6 months ago as a precautionary measure whilst changing cam belt etc.... Bloody think exploded last Friday sending the fins into the alu housing and wearing a circular hole,dumping coolant ever where, managed to get home with a 20litres jerry can of water.Luckily I had kept the old one which I put back on-Not happy though as it could have happened in the middle of Spain next week!!!!!

Whilst on the subject any one got a top tip for undoing engine block drain plug on a 300tdi????????

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"Whilst on the subject any one got a top tip for undoing engine block drain plug on a 300tdi????????"

You'll never get it off without removing the turbo and downpipe. I have tried a few times and always given up. When I change the coolant I have to leave it in, which isn't the best as I can't drain the engine properly.

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