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Michelin XZLs and tyre pressures


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Just got a brand new set on the 110csw.

Wondering if anyone has experience of suitable tyre pressures.

The army ones are silly high!

I started with 45psi all round. The car drives great with hardly any tyre noise.

However, when it comes to braking the back end HOWLS as it locks up. There is hardly ever any more than 70kg (2 dogs) in the back.

Have reduced the rears to 40psi but have not been out in it yet.


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In the UK you are committed to what the handbook says. Otherwise you are outside the law, silly but that's the way it is.

28lb/inch squared in the front and 48lb per inch squared in the rear.

That's what ALL the books point to.

Me !! I run my Defender 110 station wagon 30 front 36 rear. Fully loaded. Not had any problems while not in the UK.

In the UK I find those tyre pressures far too hard and the back end skittish.

My ten bobs worth


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Guest diesel_jim

I used to run my XCL's at 28 front and between 34~40psi rear depending on what i was carrying and where i was going.

at 32ish psi rear and 24 front, they're great in the mud, grip really well. i'd imagine XZL's would be very similar.

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