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Fuel leaking out of filler

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I have recently bought a 110 CSW 300 tdi (1996) and have noticed that it leaks fuel out of the filler. I.E. if going along a twisty road the rear wing will be covered in diesel after a few miles. Not good. Cap seems to sit tight on filler neck. Am I missing something obvious? Is this a common problem? Any ideas on a remedy?


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You can try bending the locking tabs to pull the seal tighter to the filler or get another seal from an old cap and put 2 seals on the cap.

I found it easiest to buy a new genuine cap (the pattern ones apparently still leak ! ). Job done , no more leaks.



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I can only second what has already been said but to add.

If you get a black cap, it's supposed to be vented. Check that it is actually vented. Some came out that were not.

There is also a filler neck tube that extends as a funnel for filling from jerry cans. That alao helps to stop the flow.


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