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After a little advice.

i have an '88 TD 90 with the old style large dust cap ends on the drive members (front)

i also have a 300tdi axle kicking about - this has the smaller end caps.

Is the PCD the same for each drive member? i am guessing that the CVs have the same number of splines and was wondering if they were interchangeable.

the reason - i want the smaller dust cap ones so the centres to the alloy wheels can be fitted.

thank you for your comments.

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got long arms :lol: can't tell from EPC if the pcd is same/different, obviously part numbers are different -- but that doesn't mean the actual parts are.

no pint measuring mine as my 110 is a '89 with the same drive members as your '88 90.

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James , The PCD is the same ,as both from 90 axles (Metric)

But the early flanges are thicker therefore the Some LR alloys will not fit .

Might be easier to put the 300 axle in then wheels will fit , I did the same with mine .

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Guest diesel_jim

You'll find that the late flanges will fit the early axles, but unless you change the CV joints as well, you'll have about 1" or so of splined shaft poking out through said drive flange.

however, i know, as i've done it, a late 32 splined CV joint, and it's assosciated halfshaft WILL fit in place of an early 23 spline AEU2522 type CV

my axles have ARB lockers, and they're 24 splined (HD ashcroft shafts), and when i broke a shaft i borrowed a mated CV and shaft to plonk into mine... i ran like that for about 8 months, no hassle at all.

i didn't check the bronze bush or anything like that, it was one of those wet dark windy nights when we were laning in Wales, so we just banged the shaft in and drove back to the George (Borrow... if anyone's been there) and it worked so well i left it in there until i had the £££ to get another Ashcroft shaft.

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Jase so fitting the late drive members to the early axles should be OK then?

No not saying that , But if yave a late axle (300) spare , It may be easier to swap the whole axle over . It gets a bit complicated otherwise .

I will talk you through it on friday if you like as I need to know what diffs and cvs and stub and hubs you intend to use .

BTW Do the alloy wheels fit the back axle?

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Jim - cheers for the heads up, doesnt look like it will work for me then as the CVs in the old axle will be too long shaft wise, cant fit the new CVs from the 300 as they will be the newer ones and therefore 32 spline and therefore need the 32 spline shafts, in the new axle which are 24 spline diff end and it has no diff!!!! the old axle is running a 10 spline diff......

so just cut the end off the CV then...... wheres my grinder?????

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There are 2 different pcd's on the drive members. I think that the TD and the 300 series are different, they look the same unless you push the drive member tight against the hub and then try putting in the bolts.

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