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Looks nice.

Do your self a favour and plumb in your main air line to your regulator/water seperator to a decent 1/2" connection on the tank, rather than the 1/4" near the pressure switch, where a lot of DIY compressors have their regulator.

With high-demand tools that are run for a long time, like an air ratchet or air saw, the tank just buys you time between the pump kicking in and out. At 10CFM it shouldn't take long to refill. I've got 300L of air and that holds up to fairly long duration use of the air-saw, so I reckon 150 will be good for most things.

Sand/grit blasting takes a lot of air, ask Roger. 150L/10CFM will be probably be ok for short jobs if you're happy to wait now and again for the pump to cool down and the tank to fill. hot (thus moist) air is not got for blasting.

Overall, I'd say it'd be a nice bit of kit.

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Qick note with regard to sand blasting and painting.

I have a low cfm compressor with a 50 litre tank and it works fairly well however make sure you get a good quality water trap to put inline with the airhoses as well.

This will keep the sand from clogging up in the nozzle and keep the water out of your paint (I found out the hard way! :huh: ).

Common sense really but you learn from experience!! :)

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