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Wiring spots....feed

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Hey, hopefully a quick one....

Looking to get a mains feed for my spotlights, there seems to be a spare spot in my fuse box (300tdi) at the end, well there is 2, one of these has a cable going in and out, and it seems like it is constantly on (ie, without ignition). Dont know where it comes from, but the wire is free so i figured i could use this for my spots. I want them totally indpendent of the main lights, gonna be a totally seperate switch.

Any advice, sorry if i havent been very clear...thanks for any help...Rob :rolleyes:

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You need to trace the wire to see where it goes to/from. If you just use it because it seems to be spare, you could overload the wire. It could be there for the fitting of optional extras (such as spot lamps or air con), in which case it would be ok to use it provided these items aren't already fitted. Relays need two live feeds - one for activating it, and one for turning the lamps on.


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Guest diesel_jim
Take the earth from the batt as well then double guarantee!! ;)

^^^^^^ what they said....

get two lengths of good sized wire, about 4mm2, preferably in black and brown, that way it'll be easier and neater to follow. put a fuse as close to the +ve terminal of the battery as you can so the whole length of wire is "protected" by the fuse.

i usually bind my cables in black electrical tape, so they look "factory" like the proper loom, it makes things much neater...

i also plan out my looms, so thinking of your loom, there will be 3 wires needed.... the big +ve and -ve, and also the trigger/feed wire that comes from the main beam feed on one of your headlights. i know you say you want to be able to switch them independantly, but for the sake of running in one length of wire and a 3 way switch, you can have "off," "on", and "on with main beam"

measure out where the wire will be going from the battery box to the spotlight position, lay the cable out, and then lay any other cables you miht need (for example, the feed wire from the main beam on the headlight will be about 2' further in from the end of the loom than the spot lights are). if you put small bits of tape to keep the loom tidy, you can then wrap it up in tape and have a nice protected neat loom.

I'd fit the relay in the battery box if it were me (all mine are located there)

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IIRC the construction and use regs state that the driving lights may only come on with main beam, and should have a warning light to show they are in use.

If you are outside the UK ignore the above!

Unless your using them for offroad use only then anything goes!! (just keep them covered up otherwise(added for legal point's) ok) :blush:

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