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Sqiffy service history

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I bought my TD5 90 12 months ago with a bit of a limited service history.

It was registered in Nov 01, but has only had 3 services since.

Nov 02 at 10k miles (Type A)

Nov 05 at 20k miles (Type B) with brake fluid change

July 06 at 25k miles (n/s) Oil and filters and brake fluid again (I got them to change it again when I bought it)

It now has done 27500 miles.

What next? And who to do it.

A local LR dealer (Harwoods) are suggesting a type C full service at around £650/£700.

A recommended local independent (rangers in Guildford) are suggesting fluids and filters for about half that.

I know who I trust more.......

But what do I need to do for the service?


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I'd change all the filters (2 x eng oil, plus fuel and air) and all the oils. Forget the brake fluid or the clutch fluid as long as both of them look clean, if either look gungy cloudy or black (especially the clutch fluid) then you may be in the market for some new master/slave cyl seal kits - easier to do these as preventative maintenance rather than when you have had to get a yellow taxi home!

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As the others have said...

Its long out of warranty so no worries there, I'd get all the fluids changed, as the gearbox and axle oils are now 6 years old, + all the filters (oil, fuel, air)

You should mention wheel bearings (might need adjusting) and propshaft Uj's (will need greasing) + all the other regular service bits, checking condition of things like exhaust... sounds like your man in Guildford has the right idea...

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