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Hi Cap 90


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Hi Capacity 90?

There was one in the mags a while ago, it looked daft. 110 hi-caps on the other hand look quite good, whilst 130 crew cab hi-caps frightfully good :) I suppose it's all to do with the visual balance (Blimey, that's deep), a 90 hi-cap doesn't have any :(


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IIRC, someone has turned up at shires playday in th epast with a hicap body on a 90?

It was green, wonder if fridge will be along to find a photo, as he is magazine editor with a large library of pics?

It certainly looked 'different', not sure if i liked the proportions or not?

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I seem to remember a (B reg IIRC) competing in last years Iron Man Enduro, I think most of the panels were diffrent colours and it had a cage with only outside roofbars, it was on silver mods and BFG Muds

Very sad to remember the details, must get out more :rolleyes:

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