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Diff seal change

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Following the "how to" in the tech archive

seal change

I bought the new seal and did the job on my own.


I know it's the same thing but I took pics while under the LR and I thought

it was a shame not to use them...

So,park the LR on a flat ground.

I had no flat ground around,but I have some flat pieces of wood I use when waxoyling the chassis.

The Cube II is levelled:


Parking brake still to be refitted(...) :rolleyes: so more wood and some bricks to chock the wheels,and drained the diff oil:


No zip tie around to keep the propshaft away so more wood


In the pic the useful propshaft tool I finally bought from Difflock (but it's "made in Japan"!!!Or China,or something like!Go figure...!) <_<

and my long Beta torque wrench (made in Italy though) :D to undo the nylock nut


Here's the old seal and surface rust on the splines :(



First screwdriver I tried was too little.

Back with the biggest one I found.

Pry the old seal out and get oil all over the face :huh:

Make mental note "wear goggles next time" :rolleyes:

Make another note "buy dad a new screwdriver" :mellow:


Clean and degrease before fitting the new seal


Slightly grease the new seal and press it in place.

Went in one side only so a professional tool is needed now.

Find mom's vacuum cleaner and borrow this


Refit flange,nylock nut (didn't find torque values though),propshaft...


and now I'm ready for the next job




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