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clutch problem on 101


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just blead the clutch seems to be a good amount of pressure behind the pedal. it has a new slave cylinder and master is good. but when i start her up in gear (clutch down) it moves. if i start out of gear then it doesn't move.

does this mean the clutch is stuck on. i have moved it to try and free it (1st low box) but no diffrence.

any advice would be good

cheers Cam

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Sounds like the plate may be stuck to the flywheel.

You will know if you have the hydraulics bled properly as your knee will click with the effort!

Try wedging the clutch pedal down and leaving it for a day or so. Sometimes works.

Used to have similar problems on the LWT, got away with starting in gear, and driving with the clutch down before hitting the brakes. Freed it off once, and broke the layshaft the second time I tried it!

101 box is a lot stronger but if you try the above method use 4th low

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I've had this problem before after 101 stood for ages. I kept shunting in low frst and reverse and stalling it on brakes until clutch released. Only time it didn't work I slammed it into low with the engine running, released it with a bang :blink:

Another way of doing it is to chock the vehicle, jack one wheel, put it in gear, start engine, rev it and then stamp on the brakes: shock should release it.

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