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I bought the disco with 60k on the clock and now its on 150k and I have never touched the shocks or springe I felt it was time to treat the old girl.



the shocks are 0 to +2" and the springs are uprated to take the ARB bumper I added a few months ago also a little more to take the winch when I have some cash

post-312-1184412148_thumb.jpgI have been busy this morning

there New shocks on the market so I'm giving them a try

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Where are the shocks from Jules? 'Tuff Back'....from Australia? We have the Tuff Dog shocks here which are amoungst the best on the market for outback use etc.



Thats what i told him when he got them last week . Same colour and style as Tough Dog.

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I don't know could be rebadges for the UK market by Bearmach

I have only done 200miles but I am very happy with them so far there is a marked improvment from the 150Kmile

standard suspension


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The shocks have now done 1500 miles and the rear has been lifted on the ecu to compensate.

It tows very well and the handling has improved even with the 2" lift.

Its all a bit harder but that is what I wanted.

There all new and not the tuff dog shocks I was told over the weekend.

the old shocks looked like new when I took them off and there was no reason other than I fancied a change to replace the originals but I am very happy with the money well spent.

I do need to look at the DP rear air spring spacers and rear bumpers which are very nice looking.

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