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Forum Relay to Billing?


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I need to get a sunroof from Weston -super-mud to Mr Fetish himself at Billing.

Anyone passsing by?

Can also take it to Bristol if that helps....

I might be going and would go past Weston heading north on t' emm five.

However it's a might currently so if you get a more positive answer like 'YES' then take it :D

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:o I hope someone can sort me out - its a sunroof for my Ibex.....

currently the Ibex just has a big hole in the roof.......

and I'm taking it to Billing......

and have you seen the weather forecast ?

Don't worry Andy, I've got a wetsuit you can use ;)

I'm definately going on Friday so I'll sort out your delivery with the Bishmeister. Can you PM me your mobile please?

Thx muchly,


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And since the topic is running I am hoping to have a few bits bought to Billing by Jon White. If any of you good gentlement coul bring said bits back to Devon to give to me at one of James forthcoming event it would be very much appreciated. Articles include a wire winch rope and a fairlead. More to the point do any of the Devon boys know Mr White?

Cheers Mark

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Er.......I know Moglite, and I tony Tony Cordell (not sure if he's going however). Otherwise Andy's offer of acting as intermediary may be a good idea!



It looks like I may be bringing some stuff back then! Am marshalling for James the week after Billing... and as I'm already collecting some stuff from Moglite to come back, a bit more won't hurt!


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