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Er sort of 'OT' ish - Suzuki web site for parts ?

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I need a couple of hoses that seem to do the job being a weird but usefull shape :)

Basically anyone know of a Craddocks / paddocks type of new part website - but for <Cough> sorry - Suzukis ?

The bits I am after are heater hoses, SJ413, and the hose has 'Waterhose 840110S' on it,

.......but tried a WWW search and found nothing.

Anyone ??


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I used the ribbed (fnarr fnarr) hoses you get from halfrauds. they come in varying lengths with various ID's just measure up and head down. IMO they are better than std hoses. if you not wanna use these i may have some lying around back home i can ask faither to rummage out for you.

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