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Saying hi.and a few questions


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Sorry I have been so long introducing myself here.

I live in the Chichester area in West sussex.

Current Landrover is.

1993/4 200tdi disco mk1

Lifted by 2".

sump and diff guards.


CB, Sat nav etc.

155000 miles ,and the last 5000 has been on 30% SVO ( lidl`s rape seed oil :rolleyes: ).

No problems apart from it smells like a chip shop :D .

MOT due in three weeks, :blink: aagggggghhh.

Just a couple of things I would like advise on ,very clunkly going from netural to 1st gear ,clutch seems to be ok

it dont slip or anything.

Quite a rattle from the top end more noticeable when cold.

And what do you all think of poly bushes? ,I noticed that a few of the bushes are not going to get through the MOT ,I was thinking about replacing them with poly`s.

And finally, where can I get the rubbers replaced on the non door windows, ( all of them).



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Range Rover's polybushed and handles really well, Discovery was done with standard ones and handles like a Discovery... Ride is softer on the Discovery. Bit of an Apples and pears comparison, though, especially as the Range Rover is on air suspension. Some people on here have reported early failures, more often (but not always) with copies rather than actual polybushes - same goes for standard bushes though, and in both cases they're most often on lifted/heavily off-roaded trucks which put a lot more strain on the bushes.

The most common complaint is polybushes (and particularly some of the harder copies) give a bit of a harsh ride.

Biggest attraction for me was that if they needed doing again it was easy to do myself with polybushes, but they're not showing any signs of wear yet (after about 30k, so they shouldn't be) . Neither are the standard bushes on the Discovery, which I think have done even less mileage.

Polybushes are more expensive but you can fit them yourself without a press (getting the standard bushes out without a press will take you while, though :lol: ).

You pays your money...

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Re the side windows and back door window - mine had cracks in the rubbers- just filled them with silcone type sealant and painted that bit black! Much cheaper then new rubbers!

yer did the same but used black silicone sealant ;)

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