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Where to buy Tube/Pipe and Cost


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Suppliers (Brammers, Wyko, Forward) through work are qouting me on average £120 inc vat for 2" CDS 3mm wall tube. Would this be an average cost from other suppliers or are they having a laugh? Blueband is actually costing more?? Not sure why though?

If so any reccomendations on a supplier would be helpfull.

Plus, 2" is required for regs for the actual cage. But for the likes of Fenders and for traybacks for example what Diameter tube is also used? Looking at get another die set but not sure what size to go for? 1 1/2" is what im thinking?



Alaways lots of questions me :D

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Go for Blue Band 48.3mm OD 3.2mm wall ID, I think known as 1 and a half nominal bore

Go for Corrus BS1387

Fraction of the costs, ARC and MSA allowable, Red Band is the same OD but thicker, and heavier, and you don't need it.

CDS can be a tad piggy to bend / weld too dependant on spec

See the pinned thread in T&F Forum on Building a cage - might help


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Got quoted £5.00 a metre for 1 1/2" BlueBand EN10255, 6metre Lengths.

I have a Truck cab cage already manufactured in Blueband (Whitbread) So sticking with Blueband will be my choice for any mods and for my mate JeepTJ.

Cheers for the response, soon be time to purchase and start playing........Weather bloody pending :rolleyes:

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