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PITA Coolant Hoses

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As many know from me thread on Megasquirting the eales on the Tools n Fab forum, I am around the "Join the coolant hoses up time" :):(:lol:

Last weekend saw me mucking about with a selection of shaped hoses (no real joy)

Then turned and bend up some complex loops in 15mm copper tubing.

The more I think about these the less I like the idea, cos its so soft and stands a chance of being damaged, (obviously its fine for tubing in crossmembers -_- ) but I just feel it needs to be more HD and less "delicate" from pokes prods and damage........whilst this is sort of "Ok"ish, it would mean having to rebend one again, and thats a PITA time.


I have thought about doing them in CDS Thin wall hydraulic steel -

I can get the tube from RS - 432-5741 15mm od 1.5mm wall,

and I have a full mandrel bender so can bend up the tube,

and prob weld on some739-477 so as to have the lip for the hose ends to "Bite On to".

1st Q

Anyone know where in surrey sussex hampshire I might be able to walk in and buy these sorts of bits and walk out clutching them ?

2nd Q

I have been looking through some parts books I have, on the heater hose saga the V8 90 has a selection of hoses and some bent 16mm OD steel tubes, I was wondering - what tubes has yours got and what do they look like competition.

Can some kind souls post up picks of the shape / stylee of there hearer hoses / steel tubes please ?


200tdi 90

300 tdi 90

td5 90

200 disco

300 disco

RR 3.9 4.2 etc etc

Might just be I can see what I need and go get them or mildly modify them

They do need to be around 15mm 16mm OD (heater pipes) and yes having double double checked the RR Top of rocker box pipes are 20 ish mm so there is a mismatch!

I'll be doing the connections in 16mm tube, as its tight enough to get 2 of them in anyway, let alone 20mm x2 pipes !

Please take piccie and post along with the landy spec too :)

Ta everso


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Not many heater pipes on a 200Tdi, the only steel one is a straight run alongside the left of the cylinder head, all the rest are preformed rubber hose.

these taken of my 200Tdi might help. the drawing is from my 200Tdi retro-fit booklet that came with my engine





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Only Nige could worry about the structural integrity of heater pipes :hysterical: do they do CDS in 15mm OD? :unsure:

ISTR a conversation about what type of wire to buy that sounded more like shopping for winch cable "Are you sure 1mmsq will be strong enough?" :lol:

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Bits are now under the bench by my back door.

Pipe is I think 15mm od stainless, ends soldered on, you can buy 15mm stainless in a plumbers merchants, City Plumbing next to the Hogs Back Brewery should be able to help or a Pipeline Centre.

These bits are from Rehau underfloor heating specialists in Slough, if OK I can get some more.

Should also fit to 15mm copper but I'd guess stainless is better.

Let me know how you get on.

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