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Tyre advice


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Looking for some new tyres for my P38. Getting some larger than standard.

Currently it has some Hercules Terra Trac AW things on. (Mild MT type tyre)

They are not good for asfaltdriving.

I am thinking about some AT tyres and had really settled on the

General Grabber ATII.

But just thought I would see what you guys have expirience with.

TOYO, Pirelli, Kumho, Cooper, etc?

Don't want BFG as their AT didn't impress me last time I had them on a vehicle.

I found the General Grabber ATII better on my last RRC.

The use will be mainly asfalt, with the occaisonal foray into non asfaltet territory,

possibly even some snow, but will be getting proper snow tyres closer to winter.

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What about the Maxxis range

Don't know.

Have you tried them? What are they like on asphalt.

Like I said main use is asphalt, but the car does occaisonally go

off the blackstuff, hence an AT rather than the MT style tyres that are

on it at the moment.

Being a civilized family car the drone from the tyres at over 80 Km/h gets

a bit boring after a while.

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We use BFG ATs on our Disco (300TDi) and I can't fault them either on road or off. Having said that a mate has them on his TD5 Disco and says they are hopeless onroad to the point of scariness. I know BFG ATs have much harder sidewalls than most tyres and that would probably translate to a noticably hard ride in something like a P38.

Our 4.0SE P38 had standard Pirellis STs and it was superb offroad for laning and general muddy mischief. I would think you need to be doing some pretty serious offroading before needing ATs given the P38s ability as standard.

I would thing SteveGs ya man for this thread having squeezed 255/85x16 BFG Muds on a P38! Loon!!

Will :)

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I will be squeezing 265/75x16 under the arches.

We have a "play" area several Km´s of tractor tracks up a mountain and in

some places it can get hairy.

Plus when the girls are big enough(out of nappies) we will be going back

to Iceland for a trip. Pluss there is greenlaning when I come over to blighty... :)

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