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Indicator problem - how best to troubleshoot

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Had a wierd one this morning. When I put right indicator on I realised that the dash bulb was permanently lit not flashing. I stopped and right enough all right hand bulbs permanently lit (despite stalk being back at "neutral"). If I put it to indicate left then the left bulbs flashed but the right bulbs stayed lit.

If I put hazard lights on then all bulbs flashed properly but as soon as I switched off the right bulbs were back on full.

I stopped the engine and then restarted and all was then fine.

The only environmental issue was that it was wet.

Does this suggest issue with the stalk/switch or with the relay? Or is it something else. My instinct would be the relay sticking/packing up but I am not sure I trust my instinct!

I would prefer to find the issue since now that it has happened once it could presumably happen again.

Thanks and best wishes


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Thanks guys

If the relay unit am I right in thinking that would be PRC8876. There is a trailer facility on The Beastie.

The more I think about it the more I feel if it was an earth then it wouldn't have just sorted so quickly - or am I being niave (can never spell that ruddy word and this doesn't have spellcheck <_<

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