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OT: Insurance advice...

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A few weeks ago my wife's Fiat 500 was written off by another driver running into it (she's fine, she was more upset about the car!).

Anyway, I have just heard that it is deemed 'uneconomic to repair' and that they will offer the agreed value minus 20% (possibly but not definite) for the salvage if we want to retain it.

We had already thought that we would use the bodyshell to make a little Fiat trailer but for £700 it isn't worth it. If we cannot negotiate a lower price, I assume the insurers will scrap it anyway?

Now for the question(s)... If/when they come to collect the car, it had a non-running engine, standard steel wheels, limited interior, no fuel etc, would they know/be bothered/do anything about it?

We put a replacement engine in only a month ago - it would be a shame to lose it, but we have got the old block that could be cobbled together to look right, although it definitely wouldn't run...

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I know that cars which are accident damaged can often get damaged or vandalised very quickly. I had a car which was smashed up on the driveway, someone broke into it without doing any damage, removed both front seats very carefully and then locked the car up again in the few days before the insurers collected it. B*stards, eh?

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