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brake pipe flaring

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Being a tight sod i have decided to make my own brkae pipes, i have read the thread in the technical forum, but would just like to clarify something:

I have a mixture of threads, 10mm and 3/8, which is not problem once identified, however does the physical flare you put on the pipe vary depending on what thread the fitting is?

i would presume not as its the angle of the seat recieving the flare that matters and the dims of the clamping section at the end of the fitting.

But would like someone to confirm who has had a little experince of this, as it's a relatively important part!!!!

Cheers in advance.

If anybody knows of a good quality seller of a flare kit that would be good as i have purchased and returned one of these cheap ones,

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The angles of the two types of flare should be same regardless of the thread. The soft nature of copper or cupro nickel means that it forms into the angle of the seal as you tighten the fitting. Whenever I replace a brake pipe I always press the brake pedal as hard as I can for a minute and then check to see of there are any leaks.

Les 'meaty legs' henson :D

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