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New Member, question about replacement headliners


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Hello all you Landy owners, I'm an original owner of a North American 96 V8i. I love it and have had many memorable adventures in it. I have many questions of the owners here but will restict my first to my latest panic.

I haven't looked up at the headliner in the last several trips in my Disco and I was appalled to find the lining of the headliner is coming apart/drooping. I know the standard answer is to have a trim specialist re-line it but I wanted to see if anyone has a done a solid shell type of headliner before, something like carbon fibre or glassfibre that would basically be a PERMANENT replacement. I did a search on headliners and got 2 entries that didn't apply, any info or leads to other possibilities would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello & welcome :)

It used to be a problem on old Range Rovers but I can't say I have ever seen it on even quite old Discoverys. I guess some of the UK trim specialists might do a replacement, but the cost of shipping something that size to you would be pretty horrendous I expect.

search Google for "discovery headlining" and you get this among others


but the price will make you choke I expect :o

I don't think it has ever been a big problem on Discoverys so there isn't a lot of need for aftermarket ones

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I have owned a few disco's and has been previosly said they don't have the same sagging problem that we had witth the old rangies but if you have a problem with the sunroof (mainly the rear one ) it will drop, i took mine to a trimmer and he repaired it and the cost was small £25 he also cleaned the water stain. i had the window resealed at a locol sunroof centre, i sold the vehicle 2 years later with no further problem.

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If my Disco was in Old Blighty it would probably still have an intact headliner, unfortunately this dry desert weather is bad for a lot of items, especially interior stuff like this. Even in my garage out of the sun, the temps are very high and the lack of humidity is still unfriendly to interiors.

I can do a search like anyone but I value owners opinions and hoped their experience would give an educated recommendation I would likely be able to trust. I would have thought with the varied uses a Disco sees, maybe a lightweight or more durable shell would have been devised by now. It was worth asking.....

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