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rock sliders spare wheel carrier

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Although still a relatively new user i though i would aks the question of design.

I view of the high cost ( not nescarily un deserved) of a spare wheel carrier and roak sliders, i have decided to build my own

My thoughts are below please feel free to pull apart and tell me how it should be done!!!!!!

I shall be knocking up drawings before fabrication and will post if anybody is interested, it probably won't cost to much to make mutiple pairs, in consideration of steel lengths, set up times etc, so could be scope for a cheap pair or two.

Rock sliders first:

I am concerned that in bouncy down a lane and knocking a bright new slider that apart from crakcing the paint work, the fact that it is held on by the bulkhead bolt and outriger could potentially lead to disaster, ( possible bolt snapping or outrigger and bulkhead bending a little) . Obviously this may require quite a knock but they do happen.

Whilst at the rear end there is quite a overhang between the end end of the beam and outrigger, so support here is limited.

For this reason i am proposing a bolting on the slider free of the exisiting fixings, and directly onto the chassis, bolts although not idea do allow you to remove easily when damaged etc, whilst with use of speader plates either side of chassis provide strength.

material wise a 80*50mm box 3 or 4 mm thick for the beam and then channel 50*50*3 mm for the two supports then 5mm spreader plates for chasiss, bolting holes outside the channel section area for max moment resistance. Channel to beam to be welded together, channel passing through inner way to outside wall. (drawing would probably help here)

Spare wheel carrier:

No ones seems to use bronze bearings etc for rotation, just nipples for greasing steel contacts ( pin and bush) Possibly sintered.

The curve at the wheel contatct point although pretty is hidden by the wheel mostly and so could be simplified to have stright sections and then a web for strength.

Fixings onto rear cross member and then top of tub should be ok. use of spreader plates at top of tub as most tensile stress here.

simple latch to keep open at bottom hinge.

40mm * 3mm tube, 3mm plate for ends. collars for rotation 60mm dia

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