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Impressed with Redex


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Bought a bottle of Redex diesel additive for the Disco. Only put in half a bottle so far coz I keep forgetting to add it when doing the fill but even with what I have put in seems to have made a difference.

Usually I get any easy 400-450miles between fillups (and the light coming on) but I'm now getting an easy 450-500 (over 500 on the last tank!). Same daily hack as ever.

I'm well pleased :i-m_so_happy:

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i agree there used redex for about 4 years on various motors it works

Is it a diesel only additive or for V8's as well?

Used it in the 70's but then we had different engines and fuels and de-cokes..............................

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Redex makes a difference even in the relatively small amounts added per tank full of fuel.

Try buying it in litre bottles it works out easier on the wallet.

If you don't mind the extra 5p/litre fill it up with BP Ultimate Diesel then add Redex, runs much smoother & pulls well from low RPM.


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