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how do i undo this sezedes screw


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How do i undo this sezed screw

Get a fairly blunt cold chisel or punch, rest it against the one side of the one end of the slot ( does that make sense ) and tap it round to start to unscrew it...

Once you have cracked it free with the chisel go back to a big flat screwdriver


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Before trying to knock it round, place a drift on the head of the screw and give it an almighty clout, as though you were trying to knock it further in.

The shock may free it up.

Soak it with penetrating oil and if you get it moving slightly drift it anti-clockwise & clockwise. Trying to unscrew it in one go could cause it to jam.

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My vote goes with two days of penetrating oil followed by a lump hammer on a decent impact driver - but here's a tip that has worked for me that nobody has mentioned yet: Sometimes I have found that if you set the impact driver to tighten and give it a good-un it will crack the rust without further damaging the head in the undo direction, after which it's easy.

Failing all of the above methods I once drilled the head off one of these and got away with it...

Best of luck with it :D


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It only holds the drum in place while the wheel is off, so it's not vital that it's fitted. Even on modern day cars these crews are fitted and do the same thing - refuse to come undone. Once the wheel is refitted there is no problem.


THANKS for the help try them when i get home

wont be putting new in :lol:


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the slot looks a bit chewed up.

try to improve it by using a small punch to hammer it back into shape and/or a dremel to cut it a bit deeper.

then as have been said, use an impact driver* set in undo mode :rolleyes: and a big hammer.

* not one from machione mart that lasted about 2 whacks :angry:

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