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300Tdi fuel injection pump overhaul

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Guest diesel_jim

A friend of mine in Canada has a 300tdi and the pump is doing the self destruct thing with the thin shards of metal jamming up the fuel cut off solenoid.

there are no Bosch dealers near him, so he's thinking ov sending it over here to be mended.

anyone got any reputable sercive outlets that can overhaul the pumps?

or are the user friendly in the DIY sort of thing?

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Guest diesel_jim
Hi Jim any luck on the weight of your chassis Kevin

Thanks Les & Western, i've mailmed my mate back, so we'll see what he comes up with.

Kev.... no, not even touched it yet! :rolleyes: hopefully going to get the engine mounts welded on this week and sort out a weighbridge.

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Guest diesel_jim
Jim as for the pump we have DTM in Bristol or there is a company in longwell green bristol ex DTM personel i can't think of there name but Ciderman would know as he uses them. Kevin

Cheers! i'll let him (my mate) know.

it looks to cost about $1200 canadian to get his old pump sorted. assuming that the exchange rate from $can to £UK is similar to the US, thats about £600.

i tried to talk him into sending it to his local bosch place but he thought it would be cheaper to send to here... if the work comes to ~£400 like Ralph says, then thats only leaving £100 each way for postage (on a heavy pump... :unsure::unsure: )

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