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REQ assistance with P38 DSE - 1999


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Go to Rover Renovations site


and look for the overhaul instructions, they probably contain what you want.

Even with the import taxes, it's probably the best place to buy bits as well.

This may also be of interest. For reasons which escape me completely it was posted in the International Forum.


The most significant proviso, is that 20 mins is too long for the system to pump up. I can't recall the exact figure on Rave, but it's no-where near 20 minutes. That indicates a new compressor seal / piston ring is required.


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For reasons which escape me completely it was posted in the International Forum.

I post all tech threads in the international forum so that the maximum amount of people will read it and hopefully it'll stick in their mind that the information is available in the archive. Filling the reciever seemed to take 20-minutes, but may have been less. I went and got a sandwich and was chatting to the customer - it just seemed that long to me.


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