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Air con broke the drive belt

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Had timing belt done two weeks ago by a mate who is LR trained etc.

He replaced main fan belt and the air con belt.

Not driven it much (at all, as not had MOT)

Took it for MOT, passed ok, then got road tax yesterday so took it for a spin.

Switched AC on, and within a few mins there was an almighty screech and as I was pulling over, the noise stopped, lifted the bonnet and the drive belt for the AC had snapped.

The AC pump seems to rotate freely (but doesn't this have an electric clutch or something) ....

Does this point to the AC pump being siezed ? I have one from a 300Tdi Disco.... anyone know a good AC specialist in Kent...?

Suggestions whilst im ordering up a new belt (or two)... <_<

As additional info, the battery has a constant drain, and the manual suggests open or defective fuse/relay could cause compressor clutch problems.

Got a new multimeter, so will see if anything is causing a permanent drain... (need to fix this first in case its related)

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Well it seems that the AC compressor has given up the ghost.

The spare Disco one I had, was not suitable as it had different connections, and despite requests to breakers, noone had a spare, so Main Dealer quoted £420+VAT, and eventually we settled on £290+VAt for a Britpart one.

Bugger !

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So put the new compressor on, and then went to a well known tyre fitting place who advertise that it they cannot lower the inside air temp by 10 degrees they wont charge..

It wasn't just me they could not charge, they could not get the Defender to accept any gas...

Took it to a man who operates a mobile service (Tom the air medic) near Tenterden and he estabished that just under the charging points are two valves, that need to be 1/2 open to accept gas...

Anyway the Defender was sold at the weekend (put it on Autotrader on Friday night, and it was sold by Saturday lunchtime), so the fix was done just in time.

The lucky new owner is getting a super 110 and its replacing his 200tdi that had rust worm in the rear chassis.

Moral: just because they offer a cheap service, does not mean to say they know what they are doing...

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