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Does Ibex still Exist??

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Cheers anyone any idea on prices thinking of rebodying the 110?? :huh:

When I was buying my Defender I quite liked an Ibex. However what I culdn't do was to get Ibex to give me firm prices and a full list of what I needed to build one. That's why I have a Defender 110 SW instead of an 100inch Ibex.


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Cheers mjibex how do you get on with yours is it worth doing???

2 years down the line it's still a work in progress! It has very good approach and departure angels as standard with no mods. I'm am happy with where I am so far; apart from cost and not getting to use it as much as I would like; only done 2500 miles in 2 years! I would not start from scratch again though! Too much expense. I don't have the time, space, equipment and all of the required skills to build from ground up myself, so I got someone else to build it. If I ever have the desire to change the truck again; I would buy a truck that someone else had sunk their money into; like Mr Red Ibex or some of the other very well preped motors that you see for sale. You never get the time put in or money spent back when you come to sell.

But if your looking to swap all your main components from the 110 it should be relatively straight forward. It also has as standard bulit-in individuallity which is what I wanted.

I'll probably get shot for saying this, the main drawback I would say is that you can't always buy bits off the shelf like you can for a standard Landy. Snorkels, cages, guards, etc. Therefore if you're not a fabricator you need to have a good mate or get something custom made.


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