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Which slave cylinder?

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I finaly managed to finish the engine swap at the weekend and all seems good so far apart from the clutch slave cylinder seems to have failed!

I have been looking online and there seems to be 2 different ones and depending on which site depends on which one I need!

https://www.connectstores.com/lr/sp_2491.html seems to suggest FTC5072 for all TDi but I assume my 90 has the original LT77 gearbox with the 200TDi fitted afterwards so would I need 591231

http://www.paddockspares.com/sp/category/D...utch_Parts.html suggests the 5072 is 300TDi only but http://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/product_s...=3&page=new suggests the 591231 is series 3

I am confused so if anyone can shed light I'd be very greatful!


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You need to use the slave that matches the engine - or the flywheel housing if you swapped them over. As far as I know the pushrods are the same length. Whenever I've fitted a 200TDi to a 90/110 I've swapped the flywheel housings over and used the TD clutch slave.

The slaves you show are aftermarket items - alloy bodies and don't tend to last very long. I would recommend you use a gen item. The slave body is cast iron on these and much longer lasting.


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Can't help with which one but may I suggest you order both they are only £8. That way your not going to get stuck then just sell the other on ebay or on here. Could save you a lot of fanny'ing around also for the cost of a Master cylinder bets replace this aswell.

Also I have bought pattern parts on these before and ended up just ordering the OE ones as the pattern part were not great, it would not bleed.

Also on the bleeding front a pressure bleeder (£15 from Halfords, but you master needs a screw lid not a push fgit as some have) makes life 10000 times easier when doing slaves. Comes in handy for brakes also.

And lastly I've found that trying to get the slave to engage with the little rod attached to the clutch fork is a major PITA I thing in the end I discarded the little plastic retaining clip that holds it to the fork and used a dot of superglue to glue it into the slave just strong enough to hold it vertical until it all mated up.

Prepare to get a lot of brake fluid in you armpit :-)

There you go, my 10 penneth worth good luck I reckon of all the jobs I've done on my Landy which is a lot this ranks as the worst / most annoying.

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Cheers for the replies, I called Craddocks and they told me it will be the 591231, have ordered the 591231G which should be the OE one and a master cylinder as well

Already had the old cyl off at the weekend, found it was not too bad once I removed the exhaust down pipe first

Have used those pressure bleeders before, very useful especially if you have no one to pump the pedal for you ... of course I've not used it in years so will have to turn the shed upside down to find it probably :blink:

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