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OT-Rac Rip Off change in terms and Conditions

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Just got my Rac membership renewal through and Just had a look at the new Changes to the terms of my membership

and have just found a Major Rip Off !!!

I have been a member for 8 years and had a personal membership paid for by my company which until now covered

me whether I was a driver or passenger in ANY vehicle. So I was covered driving either of my 2 works Transits PLUS

I was covered with all my landies and Bmw....This cost £90 per year for roadside and recovery

Now it seems vans cannot be covered this way and I was transfered to the commercial Dept who quoted me £83.60 EACH

and to add further insult to injury I am now not covered for my private cars as well !!!

My total cost to cover everything would be £83.60 x 2 + £90 = £257.20 WHAT A RIP OFF !!!!

Needless to say I cancelled my membership...Sad after 8 years of great service

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this may sound silly but check your bank account. t'other half and i both have Barclays additions accounts and they include free RAC cover - she had to use it today as the throttle cable snapped on her rangey, came out and fixed it no problems and as it's personal cover no issue over the vehicle.

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