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heeelp - loom section needed...

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Finally got round to fitting that new loom that's been stuffed in my shed for the last year - which is good as the old loom was a right mess and a bit melted and a lot of a spiders web of randomly routed wires, that were mostly all the same colour..

Nothing works though as I've just remembered the shoddy job I did of patching up the melted loom section from the starter to the main harness, which I've now ripped out -

has anyone got this bit knocking about in exchange for some beer tokens?? :rolleyes:

just to clarify, it's a short section of loom, about 2 feet long, 8 wires (?) and it goes from the starter solenoid to a multiplug on the bulkhead near the clutch master.



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ooops :rolleyes:

Well it's for a diesel 90 - mine was originally a n/a and the new loom is 200tdi and all the plugs/connectors are the same, so I don't think there's any difference between late and early or n/a, tdi or TD for this little bit of loom - it may even be the same on petrols. as it's just joins the starter solenoid and battery harness to the main loom and ignition switch.

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Only bit of loom I can think of is for the split charge [relay] system, the engine loom connects to alternator/starter/fuel shut-off/temp sender, can't find any other bit that you described in the parts book.

any chance of a photo of the damaged part?

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I'll try and pull a piccy of tomorrow -

I think I know the bit you mention - connects atthe bulkhead then feeds along the block under the injectors to the alternator etc.

The bit I need runs behind the engine near the bellhousing to the solenoid live terminal - a bunch of real thick brown and white/red wires wrapped in that corrugated plastic stuff.

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I've recently removed and refitted the loom on my '86 90 with 200TDi when I swapped the bulkhead.

There was a seperate engine harness, alt, sensors, starter solenoid, etc that comes back to the main loom, but no separate section down to the starter. Part of the main loom does run all the way back to the battery though (couple of wires in a protective sleeve_ but this was integral (much like the wirea to the headlights).

That said I can recall earlier removing minor loom(s) which I think may be additions for rear wash/wipe/heater which are rather superfluous on a truck cab.

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in that case the glowplug section is a seperate part under LR number PRC 6083 & STC 934 you may need both parts.

The wiring is practically the same as the wiring for the other diesels. The original battery lead can be reused. Because Land Rover Actually did the 200 Tdi as a proper Retrofit you can buy alot of parts off the shelf. I joined the vehicle engine connector to the engine connector as it's the same, the colour coding of the looms was identical. When buying your engine, make sure you get the glow plug timer relay located on the bulkhead if you lucky you could take the wiring right back to the dash. You can buy the loom for this off Land Rover or make your own, I bought it because wiring isn't my strong point and so that you lovely people can copy it! the Cable is 7ft long the brown and yellow/black wires are 5mm and the others are 2mm. The cable PRC 6083 has a plug which connects to the glowplug timer and a yellow/black cable which goes to the screw on glow plug number 4. the thick brown cable goes to the battery +. Cable STC 934 plugs into PRC 6083 and the black/white wire screws to the bulkhead. At the other end of it the white/red cable goes to the white/red on the back of the igniton and the connector with both the whites goes to the white on the the ignition, they both have piggyback connectors. The yellow/black wire goes to the spade on the bottom of the orange looking square light on the warning panel and the other white goes to the top spade.

borrowed from here

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Ta - thanks for the info -

I popped into my local landy spares place today who normally stock everything, but unsurprisingy they didn't have a loom section...

Dug out some old bits of loom I've had stuffed in a drawer "just in case" for the last few years, fished out the thick brown leads and managed to repair the melted sections in my loom - so all done!

thanks again :)

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