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NAS 110 inner sill channels

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I'm having some trouble identifying the parts that I need to fix my NAS 110.

Here's a picture of one of my rotted inner sill channels:


I got new sill channels (part numbers AJL710020 and AJL710030) and they are nice because they came galvanised but they are not quite the same as my old ones. The old ones have an extra piece of metal spot welded onto the outside to help hold the bottom door seal in place. Is there a part number for that extra piece of metal ?

Thanks for any ideas you can give me.

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Guest diesel_jim

I think thats the difference between early and later sills.... the door seal is either on the sill itself (Early models) or fixed to the door (later ones)

it makes sense... the sill mounted rubbers always got torn and worn away by people getting in and out of the car, on the door its a little better protected.

What's your VIN number? with that one of us can find the correct part you need.

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Yup, as per diesel jim ^^^. Early ones had the metal section with a rounded bit on top spot welded onto the sill channels. The door bottom seals then pop riveted to this. Great for collecting muck and moisture and corroding. Later models had the seals on the bottom of the doors and I assume (from what you say) they may have dispensed with the bits on the side channels, because when I put the newer style doors on my 110 tdi, I remember having to remove the rusty spot welded bits on the side channels. Not sure if this was just mine though. If they were s/h and galvanised, the previous owner may have removed the rusty bits prior to galvanising?

I would look for door bottom seals and see if they seal to the sill without needing to add the extra metal piece.

As a matter of interest mattm, where did you find new galvanised side channels for your 110 (I assume a CSW).

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Now it begins to make sense.

The vin number is SALDH1289PA917793 and it was built in 1992 to be sold in north america as a 1993 model (the only year that they ever sold 110's in the usa.)

I think that converting it to the new style with the seals on the doors makes a lot of sense. So I'll use the new chanels that I bought and look for some new seals.

>>As a matter of interest mattm, where did you find new galvanised side channels for your 110 (I assume a CSW).

Yes it's a CSW and I got the channels from Rovers North.

Thanks for your help.

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your VIN number isn't recognised by EPC, so I can't confirm which bit you need. but I suspect your lower seal is on the door as per the later 300Tdi engined 90/110 range, my 1989 110 has the lower seal on the sill with the rolled metal edge on the sill.

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