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Plastic/Galvanised Fuel Tanks


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Anyone know of a supplier for Galvanised fuel tanks for a 90?

Or is there anyone out there who can supply plastic alternatives :blink:

I am betting Ralph can't provide a part number (I know its cheating but I have to beat him somehow :D )



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Galvanised won't work.

If you want a 'rustproof' metal tank you'll have to go St.St.

or Aluminium. They are pricey but available off the shelf.

Havn't got any links though.

As another option I think Allisport could custom make one.

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I have a jake wright tank in mine, it is the same make and coating as the one ralph has installed which a few people have said get surface rust in a few years, i wish i had painted mine having learnt that fact ;) fits well and no complaints so far.

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Holyzues has a Jake Wright tank in his 90. I put it in about 4 or 5 years ago when I owned the truck. He may be able to advise you on the condition of it now also.

Hi Divster,thought you would have gone for blue plastic :lol::lol:

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