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Gearbox to transferbox leak


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Hi All,

I have a leak where the gearbox meets the transfer box.

I am looking to sort this ASAP. Anyone got any advice for me on what to look for / what parts to get .. ?

Should i be replacing mainshaft oil seals etc .. ?

Is the seal between mating faces just an RTV sealant ?

Many thanks


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i had this problem on my 90, it was leaking ep90, turned out to be the "o" ring on the end of the shaft that holds all the transfer gears in place.

transfer box out, but a very cheep repair ;)

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also ment to say when you pull the transfer box out get some 180 10mm bolts cut the heads off, then as you take a bolt out of the transfer box replace it with the 180 10mm rod, then you can easley slide the transfer box back away from the main box without damaging the oil seal.

5 bolts in all , if memory serves me right.

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There are two seals when you seperate the gearbox and transfer case. ATF is from the gearbox and EP80/90 is from the transfer case. Because the seals are so cheap I would recommend you replace both of them while you're at it. Also put a bead of RTV sealant between the two. It's very easy to damage the one in the transfer case when you are struggling to put it back on the gearbox. The long bolt method definitely makes this less likely to happen.


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