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Vacuum Pump

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Hi Chaps,

I've been trying to diagnose why I have to stomp on the brake pedal to stop! I removed the vacuum pipe from the servo and started the engine and there was no detectable vacuum coming from the pump. Therefore the pump is buggered right?

Can someone who has replaced this recently tell me where they got theirs from, was it the cheapest in their opinion. What actually goes wrong with the pump and is it fixable? (I have seen an article in the tech archive speaking of this but the link no longer works)

I have my MOT booked for Thursday, do you think it will pass like it is? You can stop the car and very quickly, but you really have to stomp on the pedal. My arguement would be that the brakes are fine but completly unservoed, but they let unservoed cars on the road. Will this stand up in the court of law or is it wishful thinking?

Many questions I know, any opinions appreciated,


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Guest diesel_jim

You're looking at about £100 for a replacement. on ebay you see a lot, i managed to pick one up for £60 (brand new)

the front cover can leak on them, causing loss of vacuum assist. i think it was a south african LR site that had a thread on how to repair, which involved drilling out all the rivets for the front cover, removing it, cleaning, drilling out the rivets to accept self tapping screws, laying a bead of sealer down and refitting the front cover.

But for what its worth, i'd rather spend £100 and have my brakes working in tip-top condition than trying to bodge it.

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How easy is it to repair a 200TDi vacuum pump using a standard repair kit.

Looking at the repaoir kit, looks like it is just a case of remove from the engine, take the lids off and replace the vanes/blades?

Anything to watch out for?

Thanks, Jon

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when you took the pipe off the servo and checked if there was any suck - did you check at the vacuum pump or at the end of the rubber hose where it attaches to the servo?

if the end of the rubber pipe - check again at the vac pump. Could be something as simple as a split pipe or internal delamination blocking it.

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