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V8 Problems

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Having a seriously weird fuel (?) problem on my '83 110 V8.

She starts & runs fine on LPG, but - when started on petrol started with difficulty, ran roughly for about 30 seconds then cut out - repeatedly. Pumping the accelerator prolonged this to about 45 seconds. That was yesterday - today she won't start at all on petrol.

Possibly relevant facts/related symptoms ?

- LPG is a simple single point induction system, injecting into the air intakes of the (Stromberg) carbs. Petrol system is standard as to pump & filter.

- Petrol in tanks is only 2 weeks old.

- New fuel filter fitted about 2 weeks ago, but had been running fine.

- Fuel pump makes the right fast then slower ticking noises on startup.

- Had been experiencing petrol vapourisation problems when running on the hot side in heavy traffic.

- Had just fitted braided fuel hose from filter - fuel solenoid (part of LPG system) - carbs, to try to alleviate vaporisation problem.

- Serious backfire when starting from (very) cold on LPG had blown front silencer box 4 weeks ago, so there is a new box (a pipe run to Y pipe) fitted. This sounds a bit rough on start up on LPG since the start of the petrol problem - with an intermittent burble/rattle from the area of the silencer box until the engine is warmed up.

What I have done so far:

- Reinstated the original fuel pipe; checked all fuel connections for petrol/air tightness.

- Checked the top half of the carbs. Cleaned pistons & needles & checked diaphragms (OK).

- Run the system in the emergency, petrol-only, override mode - no joy.

- Disconnected the LPG solenoid to see if it was the LPG ECU playing up - no joy.

Thoughts and/or advice urgently needed. Not a crisis - can still run on LPG - but we're meant to be going on holiday, towing the boat to an LPG-starved area (West Pembrokeshire) from next Monday !

Sorry for the rather long post - but if I had any hair left, I would be tearing it out !



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Does sound like a fuel starvation issue to me.

Have you disconnected the fuel lines at the carbs and turned ignition on to ensure that there is a good flow to the carbs (worth having an assistant with a container 'cos even though relatively low pressure, it should still come out at quite a rate!). Not sure about this 'ticking noise' you mention from the pump.

Check all fuel lines for corrosion.

Have you checked to make sure that you only have 1 fuel filter i.e someone hasn't installed a second plastic inline filter. Also, do Strombergs have a built in mesh filter (you would find this in the next suggestion).

Next I would check the floats and chambers in the carbs and the jets for sticking/blockages.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure about this 'ticking noise' you mention from the pump.

If it's a facet pump (many V8's were) then it ticks quite audibly, fast when there's no load/back pressure and then slows down when it has to work against something. They have a built-in filter, undo the end with a spanner and change the red filter bit, they are available from most car suppliers (Merlin, Think, Rallydesign, VWP, etc.):


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