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300Tdi Turbo Problems

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Hi, ive got a disco 200Tdi fitted in my 90, i have fitted a 300tdi turbo and manifold to try and make it more "defenderish" . The turbo went on quite easy and everything fitted without any problems apart from the dipstick. After taking it up the road its making a high pitch noise (drowns out the simex) when ever you put your foot down and the boost presure goes up. the turbo come off a cooked 300tdi and im 99% sure that ive bought and fitted a duff turbo but before i get it reconed or another 300tdi turbo is there any reason why it shouldnt work. My main concern in that fact that its pushing the oil from the engine out of the breather pipe and out of the filler cap to the stage where its p*****g out on the floor :o Would this happen because its a duff turbo or would it have something to do with the fact that the turbo is the other way round, therefore it spins the other way? and is forcing the oil the wrong way?

has anyonelse fitted a 300Tdi turbo and manifold on a 200Tdi without and problems?

any help greatly apriceated


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Could it be worn oil seals in the turbo, letting gas into the crank case? If it's whistling loudly it might just be a leak in the air hoses somewhere - mine did it till I found all the gaps, much quieter now. Check out that problem with the pressurised oil first though - don't want to get into that situation where the engine starts running on it's sump oil :o

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Could be a failed cyclone seperator?

It sits on the other side of the head to the turbo (looking onto the engine).

It is a black plastic peice looking like a small bin. Its bolted into place and the hose from its bottom goes back to the crankcase, if this was to start to passing it (they do fail) and it would be possible for the charged air to start pressurising the crank case.

It wouldn't take too much to remove the hose on the bottom to see if this is the problem (ie no more pressurised crankcase).

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