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Photos from Cambodia

Nick Boy

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Hello everyone,

Recieved some photos and journals from the team, who are now in Vietnam. The roads in Cambodia are amongst the worst in the world, and last weekend, Daniel drove to a waterfall, along "the hardest road I have ever driven in my life"

Also, for everyone suffering from flooding, I have attached a picture of the wolf wading, this is a screenshot from a video. The video itself is too big to e-mail, so I will upload it next month in USA. There are also a couple of photos from Angkor Wat, which you can read and see more of in our journal.

For more photos, please go to the July Journal on our website.

Many Thanks,

Nick Moylan









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Blimey.....most of them shots could be anywhere in the Uk right now!

Yes, we didn't want you to feel like you were the only ones getting your feet wet, particularly with other parts of Europe having a full on heatwave!


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Great photos. What is the deal on entering Vietnam? A while back I spoke to a UK couple travelling around the world in an ex military 101 ambulance who told me they could not get permission to take their truck into Vietnam under any circumstances.


We had been informed that the ruling was that the vehicles had to be left hand drive. Unfortunately, we also were turned away from the Vietnamese border, at this time I have no reason for why. Unfortunately, we had arranged all our shipping from Hanoi. We have had to turn back to Bangkok and start from scratch there. This means that we will be at best 4 days late in LA, at worst 2 weeks late.

I guess, we had been misinformed before and there is NO entry into vietnam, though, I had been informed that the only major bar was RHD vehicles were not permitted.



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Sorry to hear the Viet authorities pi$$ed you about Nick. With Vietnam having just become a member of the World Trade Organisation I thought they would have relaxed some of their silly rules and regs. I did read in Australian 4wd Monthly magazine a couple of years ago of an Australian family who toured Vietnam in their RHD GQ Nissan Patrol, but I think they entered from the less authoritarian Ho Chi Minh City { Saigon). Having personally dealt with Hanoi authorities on a few occasions I can tell you that greasing a few palms with 50 dollar notes can in most cases acheive miracles, although it may not work with foreign vehicle entry.

Good luck with the rest of the expedition.


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