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transfer box problem


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Hello people

Right where do i start.

The other month i was playing around it the landy and i needed to change it to low box. But know matter what i did the lever was moving to the correct place but was still in hi range.

i got home pulled the drivers seat out, removed the 6 bolts on the top ov the transfer box and checked the grub screw witch was still tight ( this was the cause ov the problem last time)

After that i dropped the oil and removed the sump. looking into the box gold syncro that slides to engage hi or low range wasn't moving at all when the selector was moved. it seems as if there is sum sort ov fork that should move the syncro but mine seems to have lifted up away from the syncro. i got a small bit ov welding wire and hooked it on to the fork and pulled it back on to the syncro and it then worked fine but a day after i tryed to engage low box again and nothing happened so guessing the fork has lifted up again.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem ( is the fork broken )

Any ideas how to fix it or is it time for a new one ( hope not cause bank manger is starting to hate my landy :unsure: )

Looking at the box its self it seems new ish, still has the stickers on etc. so its abit ov a pain!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again :)

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The rod would prevent the fork from lifting up. The rod should only be able to move backwards and forwards through holes in the case casting. If the fork is definitely moving up and down either it's busted off the rod, or there's a problem with the rod or casting.

With the cover off - engage and disengage repeatedly and see what's actually happening in there.


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