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90 turbo issues and change

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Hi all,

This is my first post on LR4x4....so be gental... :D

Right now i have a 90 with a 200tdi....the engine was a replacment for a 2.5TD by the previous owner....this person was clearly either very tight (money wise) or had some 'issues'. The turbo was not replaced so it is still the one from the 2.5TD.....thus the intake is alot smaller....thus making my 90 quite slow, well not slow as such just not got the top end and no bottom end grunt....so i have been reading a few things on here about replacing the turbo with either a sprinter VVT one or the turbo from the 2.8TGV engine??? I am not really that worried about top end speed...60 is fine for me....what i want is more low down grunt for off roading....what would be the best route to go? or are both turbo's pretty much the same? Or should i be looking at something completly different in the engine/gearbox market?



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I've recently read that the 2.5TD turbo can be fitted to the 200TDi engine with no real problems. What downpipe have you got? Sharp bends or narrower pipes can have a dramatic effect on the engine performance. There was a recent thread on here about how to locate the TD turbo on a 200TDi engine - it might be worth you having a read of it.


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I thought all the turbos were pretty much the same or similar spec.

Are you sure it's the turbo causing the lack of oomph?

Has it been serviced recently?

Can you check the boost pressure?

is the FIP fuelling as it should?

handbrake on, cat in the intercooler, ? etc. etc.

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The 2.5TD is fitted right...the 90 has been service etc...intercooler has been flushed....rad flushed engine flushed....the inlet on the turbo is quite a bit smaller then a standard 200tdi so i would think that smaller inlet....less air in to the engine...less ooomph....i have a striaght though exhaust and a proper down pipe.....

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Or possibly try the pump tweaking described on a post on here(aq search should find it)i just did the first part of it(turning the diaphragm 90 degrees) and it made a hell of a differance,great bottom end as well.

On the other hand it could just be a knackered intercooler hose.....


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or find the correct turbo for your engine, sounds like the different intake size is restricting the compressors ability to draw in the correct air flow rate & the boost wastegate is different too so that will affect the engine/turbo's performance.

2.5TD turbo -- Garrett T2 - max boost 4.8cmhg at wastegate actuator T connection

200Tdi turbo -- Garrett T25 - max boost 0.78 bar at wastegate actuator T connection

you'll need to convert the figure above to see what the difference is.

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Right i have a boost gauage....i tweeked the pump to 90 degree's...the waste gate has been tweeked so i am putting out just over 1 bar......so this is why it leads me to think its the intake size of the turbo....

But whats the best option for a new turbo....standard 200tdi turbo, 2.8tgv turbo or a sprinter turbo......

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