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'Pattern' Parts


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ok, so I happened to come across these drive flanges on a large LR parts website:


The reason I noticed them is cause they look very much like these, from a smaller (and by all accounts, very reputable) company:


The first one is 30 quid, the second is 85.

ok, so I haven't mentioned anyone, but it's pretty easy to figure out.

So, what's going on here? They may not be exactly the same, but the sure are of a very similar design.

Reseller, copied, nicked, inspired by....

Out of sheer badness, I looked to see if our favourite part-copying-lobster website was selling anything like them , but their site is down - ha ha ha ha....ahem :ph34r:

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Guest diesel_jim

And looking closely at those piccies, the second ones seem to have a rubber O ring where the cap fits on.

the cheaper ones don't.

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If you zoom right in on Paintshop and inspect the top cap on each one, you can clearly see that in the top pics it's the right-hand one that's unscrewed, and the left-hand one in the lower pics. That's the difference, and clearly worth the premium in my eyes.

Seriously, I'd expect the difference to be in the metallurgy. The Chinese are very good at copying something very accurately dimensionally but most copies don't share the same properties as the German/English/etc version.

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theres /probably/ a difference in tightness in fit and case hardness i would think. i'm not basing this on experience, just the price difference, i want some but i'll be buyin from Ashcroft :)

Or Mark if you ask jules he can bring some back from the origials makers of them . Maxi Drive :)

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