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300 tdi Disco - knackered manual sunroof


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I'm in need of some advice or pointers please.

The rear sunroof on my Dicovery was leaking due a poor adjustment after an accident repair. My brother forced the handle to tighten it down and something "gave" so I now have a free floating glass panel taped down with gaffer tape. Wonderful!!!!!

Anyone know if there is a shear pin in the linkage or if it likely to be a serious overhall and if there is anywhere in Northamptonshire that could repair it (or do I need a franchise dealer?)?

It looks to me as though the roof lining needs to be dropped to access the mechamism, am I right?

All advice appreciated.

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Do you mean the rotating know? if you do this happened to me, managed to get a replacement catch complete of orgasmicfarmer,

you will have to replace the catch dial knob thing, its just a case of popping the screw covers off and unscrewing it

its a 10 minute job

where abouts are you?

hope that helps


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Hi Russ

The handle just turns round without moving the mechanism, it literally spins freely. If I undo the screw that holds the handle on there is the square drive for the mechanism but that seems to be as far as it will strip out unless I've missed something.

I'll have another look tomorrow and see if I missed some covers hiding some panel screws to expose the mechanism. I couldn't see a way to detach the plastic panel from the roof lining.

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where abouts are you?

if i can , i will take a pic later to show the screw covers


I'm near Wellingborough

I've just taken the handle off again and deep in the handle recess there is a screw but that's the only one. If I pop out the courtesy light and have a feel the whole panel is held in by plastic pop studs through the roof lining. I suppose I need to work carefully around the panel with a blunt knife or scraper trying to pop these back through the roof lining.

The part you bought, was it a complete unit with a new square drive for the handle to attach to?


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