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My toolbox has been falling apart for ages, and I've been keeping my eye out for one. I've not seen one that I thought would be really suitable (big enough) to hold all my tools in the back of the truck, and fit under the shelf.

Anyway, in Halfords this evening, I decided to buy this one. It's pretty expensive at about 60e :o , and I wasn't hugely impressed with the build quality, but I got it anyway. :blink: Best of an average lot, or so I'm hoping.

This is the 3 drawer one. 1 foot high, by 1'8" by 9". There's also 2 and 4 drawer ones.

Each drawer is 2" deep. The top part is 2 3/4" deep with another 2" headroom in the lid.

It's made from light steel. The lid is a bit flimsy, (you couldn't stand on it), but the drawers actually look like they can hold a fair bit of weight. The drawers only open when the lid is up. I've lined it with vinyl to keep the noise down.

Anyway, we'll see how it holds up.




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I got the 2 draw version about 10 years ago, the hinges are the only weak point, but its still going strong. Just got a simillar 3 draw from argos (with some dodgey tools in it) for £50, seems to be stronger than the halfrauds one


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If carrying in a vehicle you can remove the bar that means you have to lift the lid to open the drawers.

Simply remove the pins from the locking bars and lift out the bars.

I've done this on mine and if space is tight it helps.

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I don't know if they still do them, but halfrauds used to do an 'industrial' version of thier toolboxes in black. I have the black version of this one, and have always been very pleased with it. One thing I found has helped though is to attach a couple of flight case handles to the ends of the box rather than relying on the single handle on the top. It's easier to carry with any decent amount of weight in, and means you are not relying on the hinge and the catch. Mine is full of spanners and sockets so it's kinda heavy!

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